Sumnacon Photography Prism Crystal Glass Triangular Prism Full Rainbow Color Spectrum Best for Photography (6")

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  • You can use this prism for photography to clear of any distracting haze.Its not acrylic and it comes in a silk lined box to keep it nice and safe when not in use. You’d be surprised at just how handy a prism will be when you’re photographing various scenes. The way a prism bends light can have some amazingly stunning effects on your shots
  • when you take a new photo, it will be wonderful to add a bit of flare to your photography. You really need to get a feel for it so you can see what you like best , it is really so much fun to play with!
  • Prism works terrific. There is one light source you should concern yourself with: The Sun. It best to have the sunlight pouring through a window, and then having part of that room still as dark as you can, so the rainbow can be most evident. If you use a mirror under the prism to reflect rainbow onto wall and ceiling, and set at an angle to get rainbow that is very intense.
  • If glass prisms were held in front of the cameraslens when you are photographed, you will find something was crazy popular. The prism is 150mm long and made up of three equal sides of 30mm each, this will make it pretty easy to hold without getting your hands in the shot.
  • The uses of prisms run a large gamut, though the use of light reflecting and refracting prisms relate almost exclusively to optical concerns. In a general sense, prisms figure in all manner of fields, including architecture, photography, teaching.

Product Description


Many photographers have used things such as iPhone screens or mirrors to create interesting and

artistic looking images, but if you use a 6-inch triangular prism may be works best because you

can twist the prism into creating a curve and bend-like distortion of your surroundings.

Assuredly, it may takes a little more practice than just holding it up to your camera lens and reflecting stuff.


  1. A cooler thing to do is to look through the prism at an angle. Through the prism, you will see the world with rainbow colors. You will see light from just a regular light bulb broken up into its constituent colors. It is actually a lot more interesting optically this way. You can see the light bending from the prism.
  2. Prisms also can be use in Ophthalmology.Ophthalmologists have used prisms to diagnose and treat a number of diseases of the eye, including esotropia, exotropia, nystagmus and amblyopia.
  3. Shooting through a prism distorts the light and therefore the image entering the camera. Being aware of your surroundings is crucial as they will likely end up being overlaid softly onto the final image. Great care is obviously needed when using this technique in a studio environment.
  4. You can use this prism to teach students about light spectrum. When school is out, it serves as entertainment for kids, young and old alike. Or using this with your camera for some fun photography effects.


Great Gift for a Photographer

You'd be surprised at just how handy a prism will be when you're photographing various scenes

Beautiful Photographs

Add colorful effects to your photos with the Spectrum Crystal.

Teaching Tool

Teaching students about the different colors and components of the light spectrum.