Stick and Poke Tattoo Tool Kit - Clean & Safe Hand Poke Tattoos - DIY Tattoo Tool Kit (Hand Poke Tool ONLY)

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  • [Hand Poke Tattoo Tool and Needle Kit] : Professionally Designed by elite tattoo artists based out of the heart of the City of Los Angeles, the Looney Zoo Stick and Poke Tattoo Tool and Needle kit is the a phenomenal stick and poke tattoo accessory.
  • [Included with our Hand Poke Tattoo Tool]: (1) Stick and Poke Tool with 3-Snap in clips to safely and securely hold the needle
  • [The Art of Stick & Poke Tattooing] : Traditional Stick & Poke Tattoos have been part of the world of tattooing since the very beginning. Many high level tattoo artists started with Stick & Poke Tattoos and if you have any interest in Stick & Poke Tattooing, this Tool and Needle Kit will have you dialed in with a proper tool and needles to create a better variety of potential works of stick and poke tattoo art.
  • [Designed and Tested By Professionals] : Stick and Poke Tattoos are still REAL & PERMANENT TATTOO and we know all to well horror stories associated with amateur tattooing. Our goal with this Hand Poke Tattoo Tool and Needle Kit was to provide a better and safer tool to use while creating a stick and poke tattoo. The Variety of needles allows for a more creative/complex piece depending on the users skill and patience through the process.
  • [Why This Hand Poke Tattoo Kit?] : After putting together our own stick-n-poke tattoo kits over the years, we wanted to assemble our own hand poke tattoo tool and needle kit that will include everything you need to have the proper equipment to enhance the process of stick and poke tattoos. We have our own collections of stick and poke tattoo art pieces and will continue to develop our personal collection and we hope to share this awesome Tattoo Tool and Needle Kit for all to enjoy.

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