SINGER 07350 Measure Mark and More - Sewing Gauge, 50 Straight Pins, and Fabric Marking Pencil

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  • Singer Measure, Mark & More includes a 6-inch sewing gauge, 50 straight pins and a water-soluble silver fabric marking pencil
  • This intuitive and easy-to-use sewing gauge helps sewers measure and mark hem depth and mark spacing between buttonholes and buttonhole length, and evenly space tucks and pleats
  • Silver-hued fabric marking pencil makes it easy to see marks when working on assorted fabric materials
  • Straight pins, also called dressmaker pins, are size 16 (1")

SINGER Measure, Mark and More includes: a 6-inch sewing gauge, water-soluble silver marking pencil and 50 straight pins. It is a handy tool for sewing and notions kits for the purpose of measuring and marking pleats, hems, tucks and buttonholes, and to help sewers evenly space tucks and pleats.