RWM Casters VIR-0420-08 4" Diameter X 2" Width Cast Iron V-Groove Wheels with Straight Roller Bearing, 800 lbs Capacity,Black

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  • 1/2" Axle diameter, 2-7/16" hub length, 800lbs capacity
  • V-groove wheels with straight roller bearing
  • Hub length can be cut or lengthened with spacers
  • Temperature range from -50 degree F to 800 degree F

Size:4" Diameter x 2" Width  |  Color:Black

RWM V-Groove wheels are high strength cast iron (VI) castings or forged steel (VF) forgings machined with a 90 degree groove for operation on an inverted angle iron track. Care must be made to assure the inverted angle iron track is parallel to ensure smooth and constant tracking. In some cases it may be advisable to run inverted angle iron on one side with V-Groove wheels and flat bar stock steel on the other side with a flat faced cast iron or forged steel wheel. V-Groove Wheels are used to control the flow of a load, i.e., into an oven, between machines, over long distances or where "production line" sequence is required. Bore is available in various sizes on some wheels and Keyways can be installed on most sizes.