ProtectaClear 4 Oz. Clear, Protective Coating for Metal

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  • NEW AND IMPROVED PACKAGING IS ON THE WAY! Crystal Clear Protective Coating. Will not hide the natural beauty of polished metal.
  • One part coating, no mixing, no waste. Thin, durable coating is practically invisible. Will never yellow or discolor.
  • Protect plated metals, seal jewelry and stop skin discoloration. Preserve Patinas from discoloration or wearing off.
  • Easy to apply. 4 oz can covers approximately 25 square feet. Use for very small projects or trial. Removable.
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Product Description

A 4 oz. can of ProtectaClear Coating will protect about 25 square feet of metal. 

Do you have metal that needs protection such as copper, brass, jewelry, stainless steel, aluminum, wheels door handles, grills, sinks, and more?

ProtectaClear is the perfect solution!

ProtectaClear has an impermeable finish that provides outstanding protection against damage caused by corrosion, salt water, salt air, acid rain, pollution, mildew, bird droppings, bleach, etc. ProtectaClear also reduces maintenance and cleaning.


  • Is a self leveling, fast drying, clear protective coating that will keep metal looking freshly polished.
  • Is tough and durable but practically invisible.
  • Protects from tarnish, corrosion, oxidation, rust, fingerprints and other damaging elements.
  • Has superior resistance to salts and chlorines so it’s a perfect solution for metals that are in outdoor/indoor pool areas and even in ocean environments.

Have a different size project?

  • A 16oz. can of ProtectaClear Coating will protect about 100 square feet of metal.
  • A Quart of ProtectaClear Coating will protect about 250 square feet of metal.
  • A Gallon of ProtectaClear Coating will protect about 1000 square feet of metal.

Protectaclear 4oz size

Covers about 25 square feet of metal


Protect your jewelry from rust and corrosion

Before and After

Lockset before and after Protectaclear application.

Other items that can benefit from ProtectaClear