Peakeep Small Battery Operated Analog Travel Alarm Clock Silent No Ticking, Lighted on Demand and Snooze, Beep Sounds, Gentle Wake, Ascending Alarm, Easy Set (Black)

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  • Small square alarm clock features, measured at 3 1/4 * 3 1/4 * 1 5/8 in, light weight (3.5 oz), 1 AA battery operated, fits perfectly on your compact nightstand, table desk & shelf, bedrooms for you to wake up, also portable for travel and nice for beside.
  • Classic beep alarm sounds, designed to ascending four stages for gentle wake at first, then ascend in volume with more and more hurried sounds, which last for nearly 1 hour or stop/suspend when alarm is turned off or snooze bar is depressed.
  • Press the top easy-access large snooze/light button to illuminate the entire dial few seconds for night time viewing. This also suspends the alarm for 5 minutes which offers you an extra light sleep.
  • Non-ticking analog alarm clock, silent high quality quartz movement ensures no tick-tick noise as well as clock time accuracy. Separate alarm switch, simple clock time and alarm set tuning knob, easy set and use.
  • 1 AA battery (NOT PROVIDED ) operated and backup, no more worried about power outages.

Product Description

The PEAKEEP model MHP315 and another brands look like they could be identical, so once some customers bought one of each to find out. Ours are identical in some ways but not completely. Customers like this PEAKEEP clock a little better.

The knobs and switches on the PEAKEEP are a lot more ergonomic than the ones on the other brands. That's kind of important on an alarm clock, because we will probably be handling it every day. And the appearance and workmanship of PEAKEEP are smoothly and don’t look like cheap toys at all that performance on other brands.

This clock is about 3 1/8 (L)* 3 1/8 (H) *1 5/8 (W). It’s compact, but not too small. It’s big for travel clock but amazingly turned out to be the perfect solution for your bedroom clock.

It is a compact travel alarm with large numbers and a face that will light up temporarily when a button on top is pressed. It needs no electrical outlet and operates on a single AA battery and uses very little power. It makes no noise and the controls are easy to figure out.

Total black hands

Black and white are opposite colors. The total black hour and minute hands make it more visible from across the room.

  • Different color hands
  • easier to read and distinguish

Big neat dial, easy to read

It's not expensive but reasonably attractive and keeps accurate time.

The face is big, wide, clean and tidy looking, the font on the white background is larger and a bold, easy to read.

Total black hour and minute hands, red alarm hand, yellow second hand, make the clock appearance tempting and captivating,easier to distinguish.

  • Big neat dial
  • Total black hour and minute hands
  • red alarm hand
  • yellow second hand
  • easier to read and distinguish

Up-and-down big alarm ON/OFF switch

The up-and-down big alarm ON/OFF switch in the back is MORE convenient to use than some that goes sideways.

Ascending beep alarm with 5-min snooze

  • The alarm, which is a beeping noise that starts out at one pace & progressively gets faster and louder in 4 stages.
  • When the alarm is going off, hit the top button and you are in for a brief 5 min snooze for the next alarm.

No tick tock noise

Quiet sweep movement offers a second hand that moves in a continuous motion around the dial with NO TICKING, doesn't tick for restless sleepers.

Battery Operated

It takes 1 regular AA battery, not the button type, so you can replace them on the road easily or at a hotel gift shop.

Battery compartment hold battery nicely. Battery cover is located in the back of the clock and it is very easy to remove and return.

One brand new alkaline battery is able to last over 6 months and will be still going strong.

Rechargeable battery is not recommended due to the low and quickly consume power.

Big alarm ON/OFF switch

Ascending alarm, 5-min snooze

No tick tock noise

Battery Operated