Padded Suspenders adjustable padded with Heavy duty tool belt loops Trigger Snap Clips (Blue)

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  • STRONGEST CLIPS- New design trigger snap clips tested to hold excessive weight (25+ pounds).
  • 4 SUSPENDER BELT LOOPS -INCLUDED- belt loop attachments to fit with your tool belt. has 3" wide hole for belt.
  • ADJUSTABLE- One size fits all, 2" heavy duty elastic rear straps for added comfort. 2" High Density Nylon on the front for strength and comfort.
  • MULTIPURPOSE- for Electricians, Roofers, Carpenter, or any kind of Handy Man *FITS ALL TYPES OF BELTS*

Product Description


We take our customers and products seriously. We have upgraded several features of the suspenders to better suit the needs of our customers. This includes:

-An added hanging loop for storage convenience.

-Upgraded adjustable loops to fit all the tool belts we can find.

-Upgraded mesh padding for additional comfort.

-Upgraded trigger snap clips that have been tested to hold 25+ lbs NO MORE "dinky" clips

You have told us what you want and we delivered and have improved the suspenders over time to create the best Tool Belt suspenders on the market.

Adjustable Toolbelt Loops

*4 Toolbelt loops INCLUDED*

Our toolbelt loops are adjustable. These 3" holes can open for easy use and have fit every tool belt we have tested it on.

Heavy Duty Trigger Snap Clip


These high-quality trigger snap clips have been designed and tested to hold 25+ lbs. keeping your tool belt in place. With thousands of sales, we haven't had one reported to break or too weak.

Breathable Mesh Padding

*Comfort built to last*

These suspenders are built to last with high-quality padding, dense nylon, ultra-strong thread, and heavy-duty webbing, so you DO NOT have to worry about replacing anything.

Hanging Loop

Stay organized with the hanging loop, great for storing your suspenders when they are not in use. Such a simple feature that helps so much.

Built to Last

This product is made with sturdy materials from the included adjustable belt loops to the high-quality, dense nylon.

Fully Adjustable

These suspenders are fully adjustable, so one size fits most. In addition to the adjustable straps, there is 2" heavy-duty elastic for that extra snug fit.