One Tattoo World Premium Tattoo Ink Set | 7 Colors | 15 ml Bottles

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  • INK SET FOR TATTOOS: This ink set is just what you need to get started on your DIY or professional tattoos. This tattoo-grade ink is safe to use with all your personal tattoo creations and will have your friends wondering who your tattoo artist is. Touch up your already existing stick-and-poke tats or design a new one for yourself. Whatever you choose, this ink is sure to look great.
  • VIBRANT COLORS: Each 15 ml bottle in this premium, 7-bottle, tattoo-ink set is a different, vivid hue, so each of your body tattoo creations will be bursting with color. What better way to showcase your personality than with a vibrant color palette? This set contains deep yellow, forest green, tomato red, purple, snow white, black, and tsunami blue, making it the perfect starter kit.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Each bottle of permanent tattoo ink in this colorful pack of tattoo accessories is made of high-quality ingredients that will safely dye and tint your skin pigment the way you want. The ink will only last if the tattoo is done correctly with a needle that properly and safely penetrates the dermis layer of the skin.
  • ROTARY MACHINE OR TATTOO GUN: Whether you plan to open your own tattoo studio or you just want to have your own professional tattooing equipment for personal or beginner tattoos, this ink set is the best choice. One Tattoo World’s colorful, shading-and-lining tattoo ink works well with most standard rotary tattoo machines and tattoo guns. Put your art out there for the world to see!
  • ONE TATTOO WORLD: At One Tattoo World, we are dedicated to providing our customers with affordable, premium tattooing equipment. If you're looking for a one-stop shop for all your tattoo needs, you've found it. We believe it is important for everyone to be able to express their artistic selves to the world in whatever way they please. That is why we make sterilized tools for your tattoo needs.

If you are in search of tattoo essentials that will give you quality results, One Tattoo World products are the right tools for you. Skin art is the perfect way to display your interests and passions, and what better way to do that than in vibrant colors? We created this unique set of tattoo ink colors so your tattoos can be just as unique as you are. Whether your tattoos are in memoriam of loved ones, are symbols of religious significance, or you simply like the ornamental look that colorful designs provide, these bright colors are just the thing you need for your self-tattoo kit. Our inks are great for stick-and-poke-style, personalized tattoos for anywhere on your body, including your hands and fingers. These inks are designed specifically to be compatible with most at-home tattooing equipment, giving you that professional-tattoo-parlor look from home. For best results, we recommend using our other tattoo products, like our needles with a grooved grip. It is important for any self-tattooer to note that reusing needles, even those needles that have only been used on yourself, is dangerous because it can transmit infection and easily spread bacteria. We encourage each of our customers to use our products responsibly. One Tattoo World is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality tattooing equipment so you can show off your new tattoo to everyone. Get everything you need for a worry-free experience from our diverse supply of tattoo accessories.