Microfiber Dusters, Feather Duster with 100'' Extra Long Extension Pole, Bendable & Extendable & Washable Duster for Cleaning High Ceiling, Ceiling Fan, Blinds, Cobwebs, Furniture, Cars

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  • 【New Upgrade - Extendable Duster】Are you afraid of cleaning the high place? This Feather Duster break with tradition, comes with telescoping extension pole ( made of stainless steel ) which can extend 30 to 100 inches. You need not take a risk to clean the height, just extend the length of duster pole that clean the dusty easily.
  • 【Strong Adsorption Capacity Duster】New upgrade duster for cleaning, adopt the soft microfiber material which can help you clean dirt quickly & easily on the objects surface, furniture, make it brand new. This duster also applicable for the car. Warm tips: You can use it wet or dry. And we also design a hanging hole to make storage very easy.
  • 【Bendable & Thoroughly Clean】Bendable Microfiber Duster are bendable up to 90°help you easily clean hard-to-reach areas ( such as top or coner of the bookcase, wardrobe, air conditioner ), the dust around corners and tricky spots, help you clean thoroughly. This feather duster may the best helper for housework.
  • 【Washable & Detachable Duster】Afraid of cleaning duster? It could not be simpler. Just dismantle the head and soak it in warm / low heat water, then wring out and air dry after every use. Warm tip: The top of duster install the silicone cap protect the objects surface from scratching.
  • 【After Sale Service】We are aim to provide the best to the customer. If there is any problem, please contact us and solve your problem, we offer Money Back if product damaged within 60 days.

Product Description

Protective Silicone Cap

With a soft silicone cap at the top of this microfiber duster, we are aim to avoid your object surface from scratching. When doing housework, you need not worry leaving any scratches or marks on surfaces .

Strong Electrostatic Adsorption

Made of microfiber material, this duster has a strong electrostatic adsorption ability, can quickly and firmly capture fine dust and hair on the object surface, sucha as the chair, steering wheel inside the car, air conditioner, ceiling, fan, etc.

Extendable Microfiber Duster

Microfiber duster with extension pole, can be extended 30-100 inch, it design for clean any corners and high way. You can adjust its length as you need that you'll be able to clean the cobweb or duster at the tricky high places where you could not reach.

Washable Microfiber Duster

Washable microfiber duster, you can take off the head out of the extension pole and wash it in warm water, rinse, allow it to air dry. Microfiber duster is reusable and helps space-saving.

Bendable Microfiber Duster

Designed with the bendable & flexible in mind, microfiber duster can bend up to 90° , you can clean the corner and hidden areas around your house effortlessly.

Hangable Microfiber Duster

Microfiber duster is lightweight, the tail of the pole has a hole that can be hang on a wall or a door. Also you can storage them in drawer, saving your space.

Satisfied Service

LIUMY aim to provide high quality product and good service to customer. If you have any confused on using, please let us know, we'll solve your problem and give you a satisfied solution within 24 hours. We also provide reasonable refund within 60 days if product damaged.

Material(Duster Head) Microfiber Microfiber, Chenille Microfiber, Chenille, Microfiber Cloth Microfiber, Chenille, Pet
Material(Pole) Stainless Steel & Plastic Stainless Steel & Plastic Stainless Steel & Plastic Stainless Steel & Plastic
Package Includes 1 Extension Pole+1 Microfiber Duster 1 Extension Pole+1 Microfiber Duster+1 Chenille Duster+1 Hand Duster 1 Extension Pole+1 Microfiber Duster+1 Cresive duster+1 Chenille Duster 1 Extension Pole+1 Microfiber Duster+1 Cobweb duster+1 Chenille Duster