LE LEMATEC Portable Sand Blaster Gun Kit, Multipurpose Sandblasting Tool Complete with Connector, Extra Steel Tip and Media Mesh Filter, for Cleaning Rust, Dirt and Paint, and Corrosion Prevention

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  • High quality kit tackles any job around the shop or home; complete with ¼ inch NPT quick connector, extra steel tip, media filter, user manual & media guide
  • High performance tool designed to outperform with gravity fed reservoir to ensure more consistent work; fully adjustable control valve that automates sand flow precisely
  • Versatile to use; supports media such as steel grit, glass beads, silicon carbide and more; cleans, restores, and prevents corrosion on multiple surfaces; also for etching glass and carving stone
  • Portable, lightweight, and compact; goes anywhere you want to achieve a fine surface finish; handheld and easy to carry; blasts in tight spaces and hard to reach areas
  • Easy to use; simply follow the setup instructions, connect to your air compressor, and load the preferred abrasive or sandblasting media based on the work and results you want to achieve

Product Description

The Hand Tool Brand You Can Trust

Lematec boasts accumulated expertise in making premium-quality, sophisticated hand tools to satisfy the demands of homeowners and shop owners alike. Dedicated to designing, developing and fabricating tools for more than 30 years, our team of engineers has brilliant minds that set our products apart from the rest while our ingenuity made us develop powerful pneumatic tools with unwavering pride and quality. A brand that houses one of the best air tools and accessories today, Lematec features a variety of spray guns, tire inflators, tire gauges, sanding guns, air regulators and related digital products. We offer only top-quality products that last longer and that you can rely on in terms of performance, durability and reliability.

Everything You Need

Rugged enough for any shop and easy for any homeowner, the Lematec Sandblaster Gun Kit is the ultimate equipment whether you sandblast for business or personal use. In addition to featuring a top-rate Sandblaster Gun, this kit comes with a ¼” NPT quick connector, extra steel tip, stainless steel filter, user manual and media guide so you can be on your way to sandblasting quickly. Only Lematec offers the stainless steel filter for optimal performance and precise filling, boasting an easy pour feature for less mess. Remove the filter or leave it on the Sandblaster when your gun is in operation – it's totally up to you. When combined with an air compressor inline air filter (not included), this filter will eliminate clogged media and Sandblaster problems.

Convenient Use

If you’re tired of dealing with the inconvenience of having two hoses attached to your conventional Sandblaster as you maneuver your way in and around your shop while you sandblast, the Lematec Sandblaster Gun is the perfect solution. Simply connect the Sandblaster gun to your air compressor and eliminate the worry of an additional hose getting tangled up in your materials or parts. It’s also designed with a 600 CC / 18oz media container to eliminate the need of having to stay close to your abrasive cabinet which limits your movement while you sandblast. This special compartment can accept any type of media ranging from sand (up to 100#), aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, steel grit, glass beads, soda and black diamond.

The Ultimate Tool for All of Your DIY and Workshop Activities

Consistent, Precise Work

Designed to outperform with its gravity-fed reservoir, the Lematec Sandblaster ensures more consistent work. In fact, this rugged tool has more than enough power to tackle any job around the shop or home! The Sandblaster also features a fully adjustable control valve that automates sand flow precisely. Gravity forces the particles into a hardened steel mixing chamber where they are projected through an engineered steel nozzle, making this the perfect tool for any work job or hobby project.

Multipurpose Tool

Glass etching and stone carving are among the many sandblasting crafts that are becoming trendy. Additionally, the Lematec Sandblaster is also great for stripping paint, rust, grime, dirt and scale on automobiles, hot tubs, tile, pools and other surfaces. Operating under 60-125 PSI with optimal operation within 90-100 PSI with 12 CFM, this portable Sandblaster is convenient for any type of restoration, cleaning, corrosion prevention and so much more.

Just Blast It

A perfect handheld air tool you can take anywhere to achieve fine surface finishing, this portable Sandblaster offers a compact design with a comfort grip handle and safety vented tank for optimal use. Get ready to blast away stains, paint, rust and more without being tethered to a siphon hose so you can work in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. Use it upright, sideways and upside down when full of media for small sandblasting jobs. You will achieve the same great results.