DEW FILTERS UK | BB9-2 Black Water Filter Purification Compatible Elements | Traveler, Nomad, King, Big Series and Doulton Super Sterasyl | Gravity Purifier Filters | 2 Pack

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  • Pure filtration: Designed for families that use substandard drinking water, for travel and outdoor activities, our BB9-2 Black Water Filter uses natural coconut shell activated carbon and BPA-free housing. The filter removes contaminants such as chlorine, sand, rust, odor, sediment, and large particles and improves the taste of water. It provides you with clean, safe drinking water.
  • Dew Filters UK BB9-2 Black Water Filter fits perfectly to the original brand with our Ultra Lock Anti-leaking water system. Dew Filters UK supplies products that are better than those released by the original brand. Our quality is everything. We promise to refund your money if our filter does not fit your original brand.
  • Our filter cannot lower TDS value because it uses natural coconut shell activated carbon that can filter harmful substances while keeping beneficial calcium, magnesium, which is the main component of inorganic salts.
  • Interchangeable with Travel, Big, Royal, Imperial and Crown Series and Gravity filter systems, Doulton Super Sterasyl & ATC Super Sterasyl filter, W9361122 & W9361123 system.This filter is not sourced by or sponsored by Berkey. Please note this is a compatible spare part. The manufacturer’s name has been used for reference purposes only. Dew Filters UK is an independent brand.
  • The BB9-2 Black Water Filter can provide 6,000 gallons of fresh water depending on your water conditions.

Product Description

DEW FILTERS UK Replacement Filter for Black BB9-2 Cleaning Systems

Compatible Gravity Fed Systems

BB9-2 black purification element.

Travel, Big, Royal, Imperial, Crown Series.

Propur Traveler, Nomad, King, Big Series.

Doulton Super Sterasyl & ATC Super Sterasyl filter, W9361122 & W9361123 system.


*Note that this is a compatible spare part. The manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used only for reference. Dew Filters UK is an independent brand

Benefits You will Love, BPA free gives you safe clean drinking water every time.

  • Ultra Lock System means no leakage.
  • Perfectly fits the original brand.
  • Simple Installation. Details in box.
  • Super cost effective the most affordable filter in the range.
  • UK Designed filter for quality.
  • Size 2.25 Inches x 9.75 Inches

Premium Quality Material

All out filters are lead-free and BPA free materials, giving you peace of mind. Enjoy your crystal clear drinking water.

Ultra Flow Tech for Powerful Filtration

Innovated 'Ultra Flow Locking" technology ensuring there is no leaking at the join of the filter.

Long Service Life, Save Your Money.

Our BB9-2 black filter will give you 6000 gallons of pure crystal clear water, saving you plastic and money.

Our Assurance

  • All Dew Filters are designed in the United Kingdom to High Standards of Quality and assurance.