CENTAUR 6 Pack Steel Tip Darts, Professional Metal Dart Tips Set 22 Grams with Aluminum Shafts and 2 Style Flights + Dart Sharpener + Dart Case

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  • 【HIGH QUALITY STEEL TIP DARTS】Made of high quality nickel plated steel barrels that provide exceptional balance and styling. If you want soft tip darts, please click https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086KQQKN8
  • 【UNBREAKABLE DART SHAFTS】Made with 2BA Aluminum instead of those those PVC rods, our tip darts are much more durable. Nylon O-ring on dart shafts to prevent loosing when throwing darts.
  • 【STYLISH DART FLIGHTS】The poly dart flights help increase speed and reduce drag, laser effect makes them shining and attractive in each way.
  • 【SHARPEN YOUR SKILL】Each steel dart weighs 22g; the heavier the dart the more stable the flight, which should enable you to hit your target more often.
  • 【IDEAL FOR DARTS PLAYERS】Metal darts set is designed to look and feel elegant and stylish. Set in an innovative case, it's an ideal gift for birthday, Christmas and any other gift-giving occasions. If you want more stylish darts flights, click https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E8AV85I.

Product Description

Centaur delivers unique design and high quality dart set since 2017. We offer creative dart sets in design or functionality to each player for an outstanding experience.

Centaur 6 Pack 22 Grams Steel Tip Darts Set (model: SD326) are carefully designed for all levels of dart enthusiasts.

These tip darts are detachable, it is comprised of high quality stainless steel dart needle, steel barrel, 2BA aluminum dart shaft and poly pro dart flights.The set includes anything you need to improve your dart game: 6pcs 21 grams professional steel tip barrels(black), 6 pcs 1.5 grams premium aluminum dart shafts with O-ring (red/black per 3pcs), 6pcs thickened PET dart flights in 2 styles, 6pcs flight protectors, 1pcs dart sharpener, 1pcs darts rules guide. All are packed in a durable plastic dart case.

The darts can be used for many different purpose such as friend party, family reunion, office leisure and game competitions.

Whether you're a professional dart player or just play for fun, these metal darts should meet your requirement.

Perfect gift ideal to any darts lovers for birthday, Christmas and other gift-giving occasions!

Well Designed Metal Barrels

  • Barrels with knurled grooves for superior level grip and control, boost your throwing accuracy.
  • The dart tip has strong penetrability and easily penetrates the dart board without rebounding.
  • Complete with a dart sharpener, your steel tip darts will stay in top condition.

Unbreakable Aluminum Shafts

  • Light-weighted slim shape Alu shafts give the dart exceptional balance.
  • Every shaft comes with an anti-loosening O-ring to prevent dart flights loosing when throwing.

Thicked Flight & Flight protector

  • Thickened poly pro dart flights are specially designed to help increase speed and reduce drag.
  • The flight protectors help keep the shape of the flight and helps the balance of the dart while flying.



  • Material: stainless steel tip needle, premium steel barrel
  • Dimension: 3.23"/ 82mm in length
  • Weight: 21 grams


  • Material: premium aluminum
  • Length: 1.88"/ 48mm
  • Weight: 1.5 grams

Package Specification:

  • Dimension: 6.69”x1.89”x0.95” (170mm x 480mm x24mm)
  • Weight: 0.33 lb/150 grams

Centaur SD326 dart set allows you to create different dart setups, mixing and matching barrels, shaft and flights. Complete additional accessories in the set will help you improve your dart skill and play like a pro.

  • 6pcs x 21 grams precision machined steel barrels(black).
  • 6pcs x extra durable aluminum shafts (red/black per 3pcs).
  • 6pcs x thicken PET standard flights (2 styles per 3pcs).

Useful additional accessories:

  • 6pcs x rubber O-ring: prevent shaft from loosing after throwing.
  • 6pcs x flight protector: help keep the shape of the flight and reduce the flights from damage.
  • 1pcs x dart sharpener: keep the steel tip in top condition.
  • 1pcs x printed book: darts rules guide & 9 popular dart games manual.
  • 1pcs plastic dart case: great for dart set storage or carry on the go.

Warning: For adults only. DO NOT leave your children unattended with this product.

Weight 22 Grams 18 Grams 18 Grams 22 Grams
Material Black/Silver plated steel barrel; Aluminum dart shafts; stainless steel tip needle;Thickened poly pro dart flights Golden plated metal steel barrel; Aluminum dart shafts; stainless steel tip needle;Thickened poly pro dart flights Black/Silver plated steel barrel; Premium aluminum shaft; High quality Nylon soft tip; Thicken poly flights Premium Iron barrel; Aluminum spinning shafts; High quality steel tip; Thicken poly flights
Package Includes - 12pcs x steel barrels (silver/black per 6pcs); - 12pcs x aluminum rods (yellow/blue/red/green per 3pcs) with spring O-ring; - 16pcs x PET dart flights (4 styles); - 12pcs flight protectors; - 1 x plastic dart case - 15pcs x steel darts with golden plated; - 15pcs x aluminum rods (yellow/blue/red/green/black per 3pcs) with O-ring; - 20pcs x PET dart flights (5 styles); - 15pcs flight protectors; - 1 x plastic dart case - 12pcs x steel barrels (silver/black per 6pcs); - 12pcs x aluminum rods (yellow/blue/red/green per 3pcs) with spring O-ring; - 100pcs x soft dart tips; - 16pcs x PET dart flights (4 styles); - 12pcs flight protectors; - 1 x plastic dart case - 6pcs x Steel Darts; - 6pcs x Aluminum Dart Shafts; - 6pcs x Poly Dart Flights (2 styles); - 1pcs x Dart Sharpener; - 1pcs x Dart Case