6 Way Blade Fuse Box for Automotive [ATC/ATO Blade Fuses] [100 Amp][LED Indicator] [Protection Cover] [10-30V DC; 12V] Auto Marine Fuse Block

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  • LED INDICATOR FOR BLOWN FUSE - Easily identify & replace blown fuses immediately without guessing! The LED indicator lights up when a blown fuse is detected.
  • FUSE PROTECTION COVER - A neat clip-on plastic cover that adds extra protection to your fuse box & fuses.
  • 100 AMP RATING - Maximum of 30 Amp per circuit & 100 Amp per panel.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - This fuse panel has a #10-32 stud for power feed, .250” male quick disconnect terminals, and can take an input voltage of 10 – 32 V DC.
  • User Manual available for download under Product Information Details; Search for "Online LED Store Fuse Box" on YouTube for How To Video.

Product Description

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This 6 way ATC/ATO blade fuse holder box is compact, yet rugged in construction. LED illuminated, the red LED indicator light allows you to quickly diagnose which of the fuse has “popped”. The panel of this automobile fuse box has a #10-32 stud for power feed, .250” male quick disconnect terminals, can take an input voltage of 10 – 32 V DC, can handle a maximum of 30 Amp per circuit with a maximum of 100 Amp per panel, and has a cover for additional protection.

  • High quality construction.
  • Red LED illuminates when fuse is blown.
  • Maximum of 30 Amp per circuit and 100 Amp per panel
  • Clear cover included for additional protection.


Easily identify and replace blown fuses immediately!


Simply clip-on the durable plastic cover to add extra protection to your fuses.


This fuse box provides a maximum 30A per circuit and 100A per panel with input voltage at 10V-32V DC. It comes with 1/4" male quick disconnect terminals and #10-32 stud for power feed.


Set between the power source and each output, the metal blade inside the fuse pops, which cause the light of the fuse box to light up, when an overload or short happens. This prevents any hazards from occurring while you are operating your vehicle.


What is the purpose of a fuse box? To organize your wiring, send fuse protected power to your accessories, and not break in the process, it’s not really that complicated. But some companies feel that you need to fork out a load of cash to do this with their fancy fuse boxes... yeah, doesn’t make sense to us either. So we set out to design a fuse box that focuses on the things you need without breaking your bank.


First, we started with an impact, heat, and corrosion-resistant PBT base to ensure long life even in the worst conditions. Then, we designed a PC cover to shield and protect your fuses from damage. And finally, we added highly conductive copper components to make sure your fuse box accomplishes its main purpose, providing clean and consistent power to your lights and accessories.

Details & Specs

  • L1: 3-3/8", M1: 1-1/8", M2: 5/8", H1: 2-1/2", W1: 1-3/8"
  • Max DC Voltage Rating: 32V DC, Max DC Amperage Rating: 100.00, Max DC Amperage Per Circuit: 30.00
  • Has Negative Bus?: No. Fuse Type: Standard (ATC/ATO), Terminal Material: Tinned Copper,
  • Cover Material: PC, Number of Positive Circuits: 6.00, Positive Bus Size: M5 x 0.8P
  • Positive Terminal Type: Quick Disconnect, Positive Terminal Size: .250", Has Cover?: Yes.
  • Has Indicator Light?: Yes. Mounting Type: Surface-Mount, Housing Material: PBT Plastic
  • Rec Wire Size: #10-16 AWG, Is Waterproof?: No. Package & Dimension: L: 1.5", W: 3.38", H: 2.5"
  • MPN: EPS051H

What's Included?

  • (1) Fuse Box
  • (1) Instruction Manual