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style: Vanill – Essential Oil Aromatherapy Massage Plant 10ml Tea Tree



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Product information:

Product Name: Single Essential Oil
English name: Essential 0il
Product capacity: 10mL
Product weight: 40g
Product Type: 37 kinds
Shelf life: three years
Product Efficacy: Soothes emotions, clears the mind, and concentrates;
Increase the oxygen content of the skin, unblock the pores, and improve the skin.
Instructions for use: Single essential oils cannot directly act on the skin.
It needs to be diluted with base oil or emulsion before use,
It is recommended to mix ≤5 drops of single essential oil with 10mL base oil.
Applicable scenarios: aromatherapy, skin care, massage SPA,
Product blending (perfume, bath salt ball, handmade soap,
Aromatherapy candles, etc.).
Note: 1. Store in a cool place away from light;
2. Please keep it out of reach of children;
3. If it gets into eyes accidentally, please wash with plenty of water;
4. Do not taste directly near the mouth of the bottle, do not eat;.
5. First use for people with particularly sensitive skin,
You can try it on the sensitive part under the ear first,
It can be used if there is no allergies.

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1*Essential oil

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